Friday, May 23, 2008

Awakening of the Soul

Im not an athlete - far from it, but ever since school, I knew there was a sport out there for me. The slow girl, the one who was always picked last out of her group. The one always sat on the bench looking for something more than hockey sticks, netball, cross-country running and day.
I finished school, became a decent, law-abiding citizen, got a very respectable, under-resourced, subject of many fantasies job and travelled the world - still looking for something.
I got married, got divorced, had a kid - had numerous one night stands/fuck buddies and now have settled where I am now. I am happy.
Then Roller Derby came along - introduced to me by my friend.
The something that I had been looking for has fallen into place. A sport that seems like it has been made for me. You get to dress up in themed uniforms, wear fishnets, you get to roller skate - on quad skates and you get to rough up other girls! What more can a girl ask for I hear you say, but it gets better. You get to re-invent yourself, literally. You get to choose your name, one that fits you as a person, the real you. Not the girl on the bench, you.
I am that girl.
I have my respectable work/family persona, then I put on by boots and get to I get to curse, push, skate, dress up and let the real me out to play.
Fantastic.....................Now i just need to learn how to skate!

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