Saturday, September 20, 2008

Old Meat

Doesn't sound all that hot, does it? We (the not-so-new-meat) are gonna have to stop calling ourselves that now. We are league members now, we have earned our place in the league and we deserve to be there. We have new fresh-meat now and we paid them an impromptu visit the other day, we gate-crashed their practise to see how they were doing and also to complete our skills test.
Its easy to forget that not too long ago we were there. Its amazing and encouraging to see just how far we have come in such a little time. I remember when we were all falling over in our skates - some of us could barely stand in them - and now look at us!!! We are blocking and jamming and bettering our 5-lap and 20-lap times every time we put our skates on, so come on the new fresh meat!!! We are all rooting for you, we will all be there to guide you and push you on to becoming bigger, faster, stronger, better - just as long as you don't become better than us!!!!
'Cause then we will have to beat you up...........

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