Friday, February 5, 2010

Missed Me?

I cant believe it has been a year already. I've missed blogging and when my computer died on me last year, it was the worst thing ever!!! I was like a junkie being cut off from her fix - I needed to surf, read more about derby, keep in contact with my friends - how was I supposed to find out what was going on, who had parties, what went on in meeting if I couldn't access the net?????
Anyway, I'm back. A whole load has happened since I last spoke to you:

  • We had our first bout!!!! (Yay!!!!)
  • I broke my ass!!!!!! (Nooooooo!!!)
  • I couldn't play in our first ever bout (Nooooooooo!)
  • I changed teams.
  • Our league nearly fell apart.

So, I have a lot to tell you and I'm not gonna do it all in one long winded session - but by the time I'm finished you will be up to speed and we will be back to normal.............with a few lessons learned!!!!

1 comment:

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